LGBT Accreditation

QuRated Travel works exclusively with all-inclusive and diverse 3rd party travel companies and travel professionals.

All apartments, bars, cafes, clubs, events, guides, hotels, restaurants or other business we endorse by working with us is vetted to ensure they have LGBT friendly credentials and policies for employees. 

All forms of accreditation that is awarded based on the payment of a membership fee is unlikely to have been awarded in a completely objective and unbiased manner.

By awarding our QuRated accreditation at zero cost we are able to be totally objective and unbiased as we have no incentive to award the accreditation.

LGBT, LGBTI, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+, LGBTIQ, LGBTIQA, LGBTQIA are some of many acronyms used when talking about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. We define our accreditation based on LGBTQ acronym and supporting all sexual orientations. 

We prefer to use the LGBT and LGBTQ as these are the most commonly used and many of the others are not known or understood by LGBTQ community.

Typically, memberships of organizations should and does not imply any form of valid LGBTQ accreditation checks have been completed prior to membership being granted.

In the vast majority of cases the membership is just awarded upon payment of the annual fees ONLY.

Our accreditation is awarded and constantly under review if there are complaints from LGBTQ community on any forms of discrimination at any business.

In the event complaints are valid the accreditation can be withdrawn as we have no financial membership incentive which creates conflicts of interest unlike many other organizations.